Spring Sunday


Since some people like to see me document the Norwegian spring (which takes up about a quarter of the year, it sometimes seems), here’s another picture.  It is definitely spring now – green spring, as opposed to the white and brown springs.  It looks pretty, but it does not smell pretty!  It smells of cowpies, lots and lots of cowpies. Such is spring in the countryside. At least in the animal farming countryside.

I wore the pulse wristwatch again, I haven’t used it much lately.  To my surprise, it went wild after only a minute. It claimed my pulse was over 200!  No way.  Just in case, I went back inside and wore it on the magnet resistance bike, and it showed the expected pulse.  I went back out and started walking again. It went crazy again.  I realized that I was walking very close to the railroad and its electric cables.  Heh.  I can see how people may think it less than healthy to live under those interstate power lines. Have you seen fluorescent tubes outdoors under those things? Spooky.  Anyway, the pulse watch worked fine again once I went away from the railroad.

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  1. Beautiful. And you have to keep telling yourself that it smells like MONEY! Of course, that’s if they’re YOUR cattle! Dairy operations seem to be the worst.

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