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I feel like I have to do something, but… (I just wait until the feeling fades away!)

I decided around 2 AM to sleep this night instead of watching the remaining 10 episodes of my latest acquired anime. In retrospect, this was a wise decision.  (Or more exactly, in retrospect the opposite decision would have been mindnumbingly foolish.)

I got up late even so, and for a change I did not “sync”  (listen to the Holosync soundtrack) in the morning. There just was not time for that.   I did manage to eat a cup of yogurt however. Further breakfasting to continue at work, as usual. As I left the house, the landlord’s grandmother was working in the garden outside.  She must be well over 80 now. Whether it was this or some other distraction, I forgot to bring a glass jar this time. -1 points!

I did not take my outer jacket and cap today, for the first time this year, since it was sunny and warm. But not without reason are the spring months named after girls (or the other way around).  Before I came to the city, the sky was cloudy, and the wind was cold.  (It was still overcast when I left work, but the sun broke through as soon as I sat down in the bus. Don’t tell me there isn’t someone up there watching my every move.)

At work I continued to scarf down milk products: Three cups of chocolate pudding and a small box of chocolate milk was my brunch.  I really should buy in larger quantities to get a better price.  I had visited the bathroom scales in the morning and found that my weight had once again dipped below 90 kg.  No matter how much I eat, I don’t seem to get more than a little over 91, and then it goes back down.  Not complaining about that, of course; I could do fine with less. But it is kind of amusing that the body simply refuses to grow past a certain size. Obviously not all humans have such an absolute limit. Then again, most humans can eat fat.  My diet does not sound low-fat, but it actually is. Sugar is not fat; I can eat as much of it as I want.  If I eat more than a certain small amount of actual fat, however, I get violently ill.  Today was not one of those days, luckily.

Work is still secret. And there was still not a word from the organization that is supposed to employ me when my job is removed from the tentacle of government in which I am currently employed.  I am not overly worried, though. It is not like we can be fired.  We can only be squeezed out, and most people don’t try twice to squeeze a porcupine.

While listening to music at work, I happened across a song I fell in love with many years ago. Back then I could not find it to buy it, or so I believe, because this was a common problem at the time and I believe I would have bought it otherwise.  It is a song by the Norwegian trubadour Finn Kalvik, and like most of his songs it is in Norwegian too. It is called “Fred og Frihet” (Peace and Freedom), although the chorus actually says “I stillhet, i fred og frihet” (In quiet, in peace and freedom).  In all fairness, the song isn’t THAT quiet. I noticed even back then the irony in having such a phrase in such an upbeat and strongly instrumented song.  I wonder if it was not written originally for performance with simply an acoustic guitar.  Trubadours do those from time to time.

Anyway, now it does not matter that I could not buy it. Because now we have Spotify, the European music service that lets you stream any song when you want, as often as you want.  Well, any of the songs they have. They are utterly lacking in Japanese music, as can be expected from a purely West European service.  And they are lacking badly in New Age music too, as can be expected with their headquarters in Sweden. But by the same token, they have a pretty good selection of Norwegian music, including pretty much everything by Finn Kalvik.  With services like this, why would I ever want to buy European music again?  Of course, I rarely do that anyway. Because I don’t much like contemporary Euro music.  The past is better in that the dirt is washed away in the river of time, and the gold remains. Or perhaps I am just growing old.

My contribution to the Pigsty Project this time was the remaining ordinary light bulbs.  By now, the house should be utterly empty of burned-out light sources.  Well, not counting the remains of candles.  I am not planning to throw out those.  I plan to melt them over kitchen paper and stuff in empty milk cartons for the fireplace.  But if today is typical, I won’t need to use the fireplace again for half a year.  Before then, hopefully a hundred other objects will have left the house.  (Of course, dozens of others will likely have found their way in.  Born packrats don’t change their spots easily.)

I then went on to play Sims 2 for about an hour, advancing my build-a-city challenge a little, before moving on to the anime I left off last night.   And then back to Sims 2 again a couple hours later.  Sims 2 is great fun if I play it for half an hour, but really irritating if I play it for two.  I am not sure why, although I have a theory.

After this, I spent about half an hour doing light exercise and stretching and drinking some juice.  By now,  midnight is approaching. It is time to complete the journal of the day.  Not a completely average day, but then I am not sure there are completely average days.  Every day is a special day at the Chaos Node.  Even if they may not look like it to the onlooker.

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