Dreams and life converge


This dream is perfectly natural for a healthy male. Finally.

Since I have described three strange dreams since I started doing brainwave entrainment, I should include this one. It certainly seems to be the fourth in a series.  As you may remember, the first and second dream were terrifying, hair-raising nightmares, most of their horror consisting in them taking place right there in my home, to the point where I had a hard time telling what was dream and what was reality.  The third dream shared this,  but was noticeably less creepy. Then again, a month had passed. Perhaps my brain is getting used to my messing with it?  Well, tonight it happened again, but this time it was not scary at all.

In my dream, I was in the living room, looking out the window, toward the lawn. The neighbor’s lawn is also visible from that angle. On their lawn stood the woman who is my neighbor, and a teenage boy who lives there. They were just standing there talking together, and did not notice me.  Actually they wouldn’t in real life either, probably, since I am inside and it was sunshine, making the windows reflective from outside.  And also, the two of them had indeed been outside yesterday, although so were I (raking leaves off the lawn near the fence).  It was a very ordinary scene, and I only woke up because I had to force my eyes away from neighbor lady’s sexy curves.  (Sorry neighbor lady! At least it wasn’t the boy, as I’m sure people around here would expect from a creepy reclusive stranger.)

I went back to sleep shortly after, and remember no more dreams from the night.  I did notice while I was awake however that there was the telltale spindle effect from sleep phase 2,  just like in the previous three cases.

I wonder if this means I can start increasing the exposure to low-frequency waves… On the other hand, I am still not sure why I am doing this, except for the sake of science itself.  Perhaps being self-aware while sleeping is not all that awesome after all.  For instance, don’t I have more than enough to worry about keeping my eyes in place when I am out and about in the real world, if I don’t have to struggle with them in my sleep as well?

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