Not real life at all

I spent some time using City of Heroes to create pictures for Kat. She will be making a cover picture for one of my stories, and I am pretty optimistic about this one. It should fit her style, and she has had more practice since “The Boy, the Girl and the Werecat”. Which wasn’t bad either, since it fit the style and summed up the story pretty well without serious spoilage.


Well, I think it is cute, but then again I know the characters.  It isn’t dramatic, though, and the next will be somewhat more of that.

The story is a spinoff from my Lightwielder series, and there will eventually be Lightwielding.  The best way I have found to illustrate this is with the Peacebringer power effects from City of Heroes.

2009-05-18 23:23:56

A practicing Lightwielder will always be “leaking” some light, although at first it is no more than a glow.

2009-05-18 23:27:10

Serious Lightwielding going on.

2009-05-18 23:28:41

I wonder what Kat will make out of these.

2009-05-18 23:44:53

Non-aggressive aura.  Lightwielders don’t have destructive magic, unlike Peacebringers (ironically,  given their respective names).  Anyway, the idea is to have a picture in the style of Japanese game covers, similar to manga but generally more “chibi” (small, childish).  It will take some time before it’s finished, of course, but hopefully you will see the results sooner or later.

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