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As it was written in Wikipedia, so it came to pass: On the third day the pains left me. I am talking about the flu vaccine, of course.  Again the difference was most dramatic when I woke up in the morning.  Makes me think that perhaps I should have slept more, or at least entrained my brain with delta waves. I have got the impression that it is during this slow-wave part of sleep that the body most efficiently repairs itself.

In any case, I am back in the Mothhouse. The wood stove beside me is roaring with fire, although that will have ended well before it is time to go back.  It is colder than last time, only a couple degrees above freezing outside, and this is also noticeable inside: The heat from the stove and from the heat pump lose themselves faster.  I have now hung up large white curtains in the living room, which should help keep less heat radiating out into the night. I am not sure how much that really amounts to, however.   I also covered a slit above one kitchen window. It is clearly meant to hold one of those thingies that you open or close to increase or decrease natural ventilation.  It was empty though, which would amount to wide open. I covered it completely.  I have a very hard time imagining this house becoming so airtight that it becomes a problem.  The stove certainly seems to have no problem getting air to replace what it sends up the chimney.  I assume this means a corresponding quantity of cold air is entering the house through numerous tiny openings, one of the intrinsic weaknesses of heating with fire instead of electricity.  Then again the wood is free.

Today I bought a set of screwdrivers and some wood screws, so now I can screw up everywhere!  I already screwed up a clothes rack in the entry hall and a towel holder in the bathroom. I may not be much of a handyman, but screwing up is something I can!  ^_^

Speaking of heating, the electricity meter is now 6674 KWH.  That is not too bad, I guess. But whenever I can heat for free, that’s even better.

Well, it is time to put that “no unadressed mail” button on the mailbox and return home.  Although for each time I come here, the Mothhouse is slightly more “home” and the notion of taking the bus “home” becomes slightly less obvious. This is how I meant it to be, of course.

Oh, and in the end I did not take the backpack today, just the things I would put up.  It may be slightly early to do another backpack march, I think.  But carrying just myself home should be very much doable, unless something unexpected happens.


PS:  I am home, and I am glad I did not bring my backpack today.  Even though it is much lighter when I return, it would probably still have been uncomfortable. As it was, I could feel that the stiffness in my thighs was not fully gone, although I made it home just fine.

On the bright side, there was someone who coughed on the bus, and I was about to cringe as I have done since this summer, and then I remembered that my blood is swarming with antibodies against the Death Flu of Doom. Yay!  I can go anywhere! Well, within the limits of my Insane Bowel Syndrome, I guess.

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