I am home in Riverview!

This is the kitchen. The living room is far worse. You may think this yet another Chaos Node, but I have a new name for it: Riverview.

Also known as the Mothhouse, although obviously there are several houses at Møll. But mine seems to be widely known as “the red house by the river”, and so I am thinking of changing the name to Riverview. There are of course layers and layers of meaning to this.

Most obviously, “Riverview” is the name of the second neighborhood in Sims 3. It does not come with the game but is a free download, and was the only other neighborhood (after the included Sunset Valley) until the first expansion pack came out and the neighborhood creator tool was released. It is also my favorite. My SimSelf has lived there since his teens. It is also where I play my current Sims 3 game, the Doomed Adoptacy. But you would probably be reading my Sims Livejournal if that was what you were interested in.

The other part of the name Riverview is that in Nynorsk (New Norwegian) it can be directly translated as Åsyn. Å is an old name for river, although mostly replaced by the newer word “elv” now. “Syn” is a direct translation of view. However, the word Åsyn actually already is in use: It is a poetic, mostly religious, word for face. I believe you would normally use “countenance” in its place. “Let Thy countenance shine upon Thy servant.”

Anyway, I am here! No, seriously! Not to hang up curtains and see if the water pipes are frozen. Not as a guest. I am home. Finally, I am home. In a house without other people and without other people’s stuff. On the other hand, lots of my stuff. Too much of my stuff. And I have not even moved everything. The washing machine was left, because it was too late in the day, and the bedroom commode, and some of the food I think, and lots of power cables, and my stack of Magnus Robot Fighter comics. Even so, there is an insane amount of stuff. A sea of it. But there was that last time too. Most of it got stowed away eventually. The rest of it stood in its bags or crates until I took it here. This time it’s for real. Each book that does not bear good fruit will be cut down. Yeah, verily. Probably.

Who will I be while I am here? I do not know for sure, but I noticed that as soon as I was alone, I started recalling more and more of an old hymn from Smith’s Friends, one I had forgotten for years. Of course, this could likely be because it was an old friend from that church who helped me drive and also did the heaviest lifting. He helped me last time too, when I botched the move and had to suddenly get a lot of moving done in a very short time. Hopefully it will be a long time till next time. And hopefully there will be a lot less stuff. I intend to see to that.

We did throw away three big black garbage bags with stuff, including many computer games that I had saved last time but not opened, not even looked at, in the meantime. And there are still a bag or two of games that could have gone the same way. Some of the games that are gone were my favorites in the past, but if I have not touched them in 4 years, chances are I won’t play them for the next five years either.

Even without those games and various other garbage that had not been visible until I moved, there still was a lot. A lot. I am quite tired and worn, even with my friend doing the heavier part of the lifting. I don’t plan to unpack it all tonight, or even this weekend. Many (most?) of the books and comics I intend to move directly from their crates to carrying bags to take them to the used-book shop in the city. It is strange, I did not feel that I was able to part with them, now I don’t feel they have a place in my life anymore. I should read books of the Truth. I should let the true Light shine into my life, so I can spread happiness in every direction.

First to my sims in Riverview…

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  1. I like “Riverview”. I like it in English, and I like its Norwegian etymology and connotations. “Mothhouse” was amusing, but I couldn’t think it without also thinking of that (somewhat disturbing) Moth-Man sculpture/statue thingie you posted a photo of.

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