The small house and the old apple tree!

Gold and green forests! You know you want it!  (In Norwegian, promising someone “gold and green forests” means promising them the moon, in other words a promise that is unrealistic. Politicians and men in love tend to do this.

It is not dandelions anymore that make the fields yellow, but these small flowers.  I believe they are a species of smørblomst (butterflower). Not sure what they are called in English, but they probably exist in England, it is not that far from here.

One more “butter flower” picture!

Those who are thirsty, let them come!  Water is rarely far off in this part of the country, even in the sunny season. The forest is fully committed to summer now, but glimpses of the blue water can still be seen among the green.

There is no deeper meaning in this.  I just know people like these things, at least when they don’t see them all the time. Actually I live here and I still think it is kind of pretty.  Want to move here? ^_^

4 thoughts on “Pictures!

  1. So pretty. I can’t believe what a great move, literally, you made to this house. This scenery is worth making some kind of plans/adjustments to deal with the pipes freezing next winter! It has been 100 degrees here for the past week or so. Miserable. Actually, relocating sounds nice . . .

  2. Having this around would seriously tempt me to go offline for as long as this scenery lasted. (Don’t get any ideas . . . I’d worry!) But being able to go outside without frying or freezing and having adequate moisture to keep such vegetation and scenery viable . . . ??? Yep. I don’t think there’s anything on the web that is as good.

    Heaven will be something like that, hopefully, with no reason to wear shoes!

    • Well, it is not as if you are posting a lot online as it is… ^_^ But yeah, I have to say it is rather paradisaical here. Although I hope the mosquitoes will go to a different afterlife, and the ticks especially, unless they change their diet!

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