Today was a Someday

You may have noticed that my week has 8 days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Someday.  So if there is something that seems inconvenient to do on the other days, I put it off till Someday. Unfortunately, Someday does not come every week, or even every month. But today was a Someday.

The last Someday was May 20, when I wrote to the customer service at, the wireless broadband provider I used until early this year. Even though I have not used them for some months, I have not terminated my subscription because there was no obvious way to do so.  So eventually I just wrote their customer service and told them that I was terminating the subscription. I never got any answer, and some time ago I got the invoice for July. (The subscription runs for a month after termination, according to the contract.) So today I wrote them and told them that I had already cancelled on May 20 and would not pay the invoice.

Since it was already Someday, I also wrote to the phone company to terminate the landline subscription. Again, I don’t even have that kind of phone in this house. I guess this either says something about how lazy I am or how cheap such things are by Norwegian standards. In any case, Tele2 (the phone company) needs to have the cancellation in writing, whereas you can just call them or send them a text message to subscribe.  It may be legal, but it is still not something they want on the front pages of the newspapers, I suppose. We’ll see. It would be kind of cool to meet the in court. My blog would probably get a 10000% increase in readership too.

Anyway, this makes the third Someday since I moved here, the first was when I changed the power supply in the machine that had been defective since early this past winter.  So Someday comes… sometimes.

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