A punny dream

Picture from Møll.

Here at Møll there are several people who have that place name as their last name, a common tradition in Norway among farmers and their descendants. One of these works at the tax office.  (This is actually true in real life.)

In my dream, some guy came to the tax office and asked to see Møll. When Mr Møll appeared, the guy basically dumped a load of tax papers on the desk and excused himself and left. “What’s with him?” wondered my neighbor. I replied: “Perhaps he has read the Scripture that says: Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where Moth and rust destroy…”

(The Norwegian word for moth is møll, as regular readers may remember. Yes, even in my dreams I make cheesy puns! But at least I still recall the Scriptures in my sleep, so perhaps there is some hope for my soul…)

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