Time travel dream

This morning I had a dream that was not hellish at all. It was very long and the details are already gone, but I traveled through time and met many historical people of fame. A couple of them knew about time travel: Einstein and King Solomon for sure, and Alexander the Great at least knew something strange was going on. I also saw some cool technology from the near future, but nothing that I could copy or that really revolutionized life.  All in all it was a pleasant dream, although I was quite tired when I woke up.

2 thoughts on “Time travel dream

  1. Dreamt we took Jenna to meet the pope, who looked like Desmond Tutu. We were there and it was most disappointing, because the whole set-up was kind of cheesey and tourist-oriented. There was even a fast-food-type communion stand, with something like you’d see for a ketchup dispenser at a fast food restaurant being used to dispense little amounts of wine into small plastic medicine-dosing-type cups, and heaps of communion wafers in little cardboard fry containers such as you’d see at McDonald’s. I was horrified! We were trying to take communion in a reverent way, but there were people running all over the place, in the very presence of the pope and what had to be important figures of the church, acting like it was nothing more than some tourist entertainment! And furthermore, when we got to the Sistine Chapel, I couldn’t see the works of art on the ceiling, which was low and disappointing.

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