Fatter days

Food – the final frontier!

I definitely can eat more fat now without getting fat poisoning.  I am not sure quite how much. But when I don’t get sick, the inborn human tendency causes me to gradually eat more fat. Not every day, but now and then, a little bit more, taking a chance.  Over time, oh so slowly, it adds up.  I get used to eating a little more fat than before, and then a little more again.

I still eat a lot less fat than before.  I still eat less fat than healthy people.  But there is definitely more of it than before.  This past couple weeks I have several times eaten noodles with some added cheese.  I have done that before with low-fat cheese and not gotten sick, but this time I used normal cheese.  (I have returned to low-fat now, the shop was just out of it briefly.)  My weight loss has stopped, although it is too early to say if it is reversed yet.

I have no idea what happened.  Perhaps my liver has just regenerated – it has lots of stem cells after all, and it has been 5 years since the illness that brought this to a head.  Perhaps the brainwave entrainment plays a role – several of the symptoms were neurological after all. Perhaps even the changes in my soul affects my body.  Or perhaps it is just part of the natural changes of growing older.  It may even be, though I am loath to even think it, that a hidden tumor may be sweeping up fat from my bloodstream for its own nefarious ends.  You just never know everything, not being a god or anything.  But I can’t say I feel ill in any way, so that last part is pretty far down on my probability list.

In any case, fat is very tasty and I enjoy being able to eat a little more of it, even if just a bit. Those of you who can eat as much fat as you want should enjoy it.  And then work out like crazy, I suppose. From what I read in scientific magazines, pretty much all the problems with obesity come from the inactivity that is either the cause or the effect of the obesity, sometimes both. It is not actually enjoying fat that is a problem, it is Just Sitting There. Our bodies were not designed for that.  The muscles we use when standing and walking mop up huge amounts of dangerous fat from the blood, but if we don’t stand or walk some hours each day, the stuff will just pile up. Or that is the current theory.  There may well be another next year.

But for now, I enjoy it for all it is worth… while it is still reasonably healthy!

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