A visit of spring

There used to be about a foot of snow on that table.

After some two months in the deep freezer, with only the occasional day of “normal” winter temperatures and only hours above the freezing point, the weather has changed. It is now the third day I enjoy temperatures of up to +5C for much of the day, and last night did not fall below freezing at all. This was not such a great convenience as you might think for those who were sending up fireworks (a common tradition here in Norway, even on farms). The wind was literally howling at times, so they were probably still chilled to the bone. But I was not, for I stayed indoors.

This morning I came down and it was still above +18C in my home office, even though the heat pump had been off for like 7 hours. Like spring and fall, the place heats with just the many computers that run here day and night. I’ve turned on the heat pump now though, and am now heating the living room with it as well. It will probably be only for one day, though: The temperature is now down to +3C outside.

Still, it was nice to be out of the freezer.  I did not actually believe the weather forecasts, mainly because they have been saying this a lot. Their models are probably based on normal weather, which used to hover around the freezing point from December to sometime in March. The deep freeze of last winter and this are abnormal on the south coast, though this kind of weather is common in the interior and eastern Scandinavia.

Since the forecasts usually fail (and even now it was more like a broken clock being right twice a day), there is no knowing how long it will last. I intend to enjoy it with a vengeance.  I have the doors between my study, the hall and the living room all open, for the first time this winter. ^_^

4 thoughts on “A visit of spring

  1. We would LOVE to have that much snow, and you’re commenting on how little it is! Of course, Texas is not Norway . . .

    Today our high temperature was 58 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is supposed to dip just below freezing tonight. Tomorrow and the next few days should be similar. It has had to suffice for “cold weather” for us, because I was in the mood to cook our soup, which is best in winter. Jeff has had some kind of allergic reaction, possibly to something in the hay he brought back to the house the other day, and has been taking benadryl for the past few days, lying around and napping, and eating warm soup. I hope it has done him good. His face, lower arms and hands were severely affected by some sort of hives, but he looks more human now. Tomorrow when he has to shave will be the test!

    Enjoy your lull in the winter, and we’ll try to enjoy our half-assed attempt at winter!

    • Unfortunately it turned icy cold the next evening, and still is. Right now it is -10C, never mind that the forecast was -1. The shower and the bathroom faucet are frozen again. I thought I had set the faucet dripping, but either I forgot or slow dripping was not enough. Oh well, still water in the kitchen. I am getting used to country life, it seems. ^_^

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