Pure of heart?

Who can bear the Light of Heaven? (Screenshot from the anime “The Laws of Eternity”, fittingly enough.)

I don’t really feel I am the right person to expound on Jesus’ words that “blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God”.  I just briefly want to say that I don’t think it means that people who never have sex will see some guy on a big chair in the sky. Well, I suppose that could happen too, but that is not really the point.

When we step into the spirit world, to stand before the Light, we should be transparent. That is what I think it means.  We are right now like imperfect crystals, which may let the Light through, but distorted by inner fault lines and shadowed by dark spots. These spots, I would say, are our worldly nature:  The strong sense of self, of me me me, of wanting things my way.

For instance when we pray for someone, it could be that we don’t like certain things about that person and so we pray for God to change him.  In that case, we are simply not seeing God. We are not at all pure of heart in such a situation, and our self is not transparent so God / the Light can shine through. When we later meet that person again, we are still the same, and the Light does not shine through us.

We may also pray for someone because they are dear to us, but it may still be an attachment. Someone is ill and we pray to God that God may heal them, because we cannot bear to see them suffer, nor can we bear to part with them. But the reason for our request is still “my will be done, not thine, O God”. Although the Light shines through us, there is a faultline within the crystal of our self, so that the Light is diverted. We may feel exceedingly holy in such a case, and I am not saying we are doing anything wrong as such.  But it is still about me.

When someone is pure of heart, the difference between my will and God’s falls away, at least for a brief moment.  The self becomes transparent, and there is no subject or object. There is no “God, give me this”, “God, do this for me”.  There is simply a taking part in the love that God has for His creatures.

But who is capable of this?  Who has become so pure of heart that the self has become transparent? To even experience this for a brief moment can change a life forever. But who can live a life like that, day by day? Who can bear such brightness?  I sure can’t, at the present time.