The Candle of God is awesome, but it is quite religious in nature, and I think I may already be over-representing that part of my life here, compared to in practice. It is easy to write about spiritual things because the ever helpful fountain in my mind could probably feed me stuff to write for a thousand years, if I were worthy to write it all. I am not, so let us ration it for realism.

I still managed to complete one Incarnate trial in City of Heroes, and do a couple rounds in Mission Architect with two Masterminds.  Technically they are in City of Villains, but they stay in the Architect building and only do heroic missions, waiting to become old enough to move over to “blueside”, as we call the Hero part of the game. The other part is of course “redside”.

(It is worth noticing that in Europe, and presumably the rest of the world outside the USA, red is the color of socialism and blue of conservatism, as is good and proper. That’s why China does not fly a blue flag, for instance.)

The weather is a bit chillier here again, but not anywhere near snowing. Today was overcast most of the way to work and all the way home, meaning I could read on the commute bus! I love the relatively few overcast days we have, since I get migraine if I read in direct sunshine. It is only a 5-point disadvantage, and well worth the extra points I got to spend on IQ. :p  But the south coast of Norway has a LOT of sunshine, not that this makes it warm except in the summer.  I love overcast days and the dark season because of the reading.  Of course, I can always meditate, but the commute is like my dedicated reading time, when the weather allows.

That should be enough! It is midnight. Oh, and in the programming language C, the expression ++ after  a variable means to increase that variable by one, which can be done in passing, so to say. Thus “day++” means we’ve added one more day. But unlike in programming, I can’t see how far this variable will go before it ends.

On the other hand, nobody knows how far the US DEBT CLOCK will go before it ends either. Feel free to stare at it for some hours and gain wisdom in the heart, or something.