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Mixed health signals

Posted by Itlandm on April 20, 2012

I actually wrote an open letter to my body on Google+ about its mixed signals. On one hand, this morning the pain was gone; my pulse was back to normal (for me, that means low); and there was no hint of fever. I felt fine, to the point that I might have been tempted to take a long walk if not for one detail: There is a small bulge on my face, on the right side (where the dental surgery was). It is only visible near the nose, fairly straight up from where I had the surgery, but is tender a bit further. Also, the pressure in it felt stronger later in the day, and my right eye has been leaking a couple times. So something was definitely going on.

Around 8PM, things began to change rapidly. I started to feel cold, even though the room temperature was the same. Soon I was shivering. My pulse naturally went up, although not racing. I also began feeling generally unwell.  This lasted for about an hour. By the time I stopped shivering, my temperature was 37.5 C, which is actually similar to what I have after work. (I stayed home from work today.) Usually my temperature gradually falls back to 37C before bedtime.



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