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Not quite emergency

Posted by Itlandm on April 11, 2012

Today I had an interesting experience with my heart rate again, which I think is related to the previous three times the last month or so. Unlike these times, I did not go to the emergency room: Partly because it was less intense, partly because I believe I already have the data I could get from there, and there was never any attempt at treatment except for a painkiller the first time. (Nor was this necessary.)

This time, my pulse while walking was noticeably LOWER than usual for the first half hour or so. Again it felt like the heart beat was irregular, but there is no reason to think this is true, since I have had this measured repeatedly and it seems to be exceptionally stable if anything. And I had no problem walking at a good pace. I did not try to run or walk at competition speed, remembering that last fall when I had to ride an ambulance, the day had started out with just such a low pulse, and I had tried to keep it up by pressing myself.

After about 40 minutes, things began to change. And one interesting detail, if not entirely safe for work. See, just before the onset of unusually high pulse, my scrotum began to contract to a very uncomfortable degree. What we menfolk might call a “nutcracker” experience. Usually this would require an ice cold bath or primal fear, none of which was around. But the interesting part is that I noticed the same thing to some degree in two of the three last episodes, for no noticeable reason then as well.

This makes me wonder if the first part of the rapid pulse may come not from the heart muscle itself, but spurred on by some other change in the body.

In any case, I have made a habit of not going too far from home even during long walks until we know more about this particular trouble. So I was about ten minutes from home. I slowed down, and the pulse stayed below 140, which is quite acceptable for a while. It also slowed down faster than the previous times once I came home. So far each of the episodes have been milder and more gradual than the one before. I assume this is a good thing.  In any case, my pulse is back in the enviable range now. (65 bpm sitting in front of my computer.)

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