"Terms of Service"

What you can or cannot do with this stuff

Welcome to the Chaos Node, the web home of Magnus Itland. Feel free to look around, read anything, watch anything, download anything to your personal computer. What you do with it in private is none of my business.

BUT! I have some demands as for your sharing it with others. Do NOT pass any of it off as your own. If you hotlink to my pictures, do NOT do so in a restricted area. I am going to come visit your website and see what you do with my stuff, and I will not find the door locked. Thank you.

Finally, no spamming on the forum. I know the forum is not exactly high traffic, but it is still not meant for your google-baiting exercize. All commercial spam will be removed and the corresponding users banned.

That's all for now. Have a nice day and enjoy the cute pictures!
(PS: Some of the anime pictures are old and of poor quality. I may be able to get you newer and sharper versions of some of them if you ask.)

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