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Sunday 27 April 2003

Early spring road

Pic of the day: In transition - early spring road.

Not so dreamy waters

Some days ago, I got a mail from They told me that would be closing down on May 4, so if I still wanted a dreamwater account I should sign up with, click here. I checked the web site of, where I keep my archives. There was no mention of closing, so I assumed it was a scam. Some guys register a domain that is similar to a famous one, then bluff you to get your credit card number. I briefly admired their cleverness, then moved on.

Today I logged on to fix the year-ago entry, and there was the same notice again. Either the scammers have hacked a serious web space provider, in which case I guess we are lost anyway, or it was actually true. So, soon it is time to move hundreds and hundreds of files. Not to mention that bookmarks and search engines will be confused for months at the very least.

I remember, my previous archive site. They would "accidentally" wipe out the free account every few weeks, so it seemed. With about 2000 files to upload, and no FTP access, it was quite a few thousand mouse clicks to put them back up. In fact, I rarely got them all up before they were wiped again. Somehow the idea of doing it again now with 3000 files does not appeal to me. I'll look into the mass upload utility that is available at extra cost, I guess. In the meantime, my archives are likely to be less than available for a while ... again.


This is all so totally meta, but nothing interesting happened (to me) this day. I played The Sims for a long time, enjoying it greatly. On this computer, I still haven't installed Unleashed. That's the only expansion pack I have bought and then chosen not to continue playing. It is simply that bad. It is partly the stray pets that every day (and night) invade your property and pee in the corners of the lot, making everyone leaving for work in a bad mood. That kind of realism I can be without. And then there's the seemingly deliberate introduction of pointless movements, like people turning around 360 degrees (at least) whenever they pick up a plate from the table. I hear they may have solved that one in the patch, but I am not going to install it again until I need the extra lots. Perhaps not ever. Too bad, because it had such potential.

There is a new expansion pack coming out, Superstar. Your Sims will now have a fame rating in addition to the rest. Frankly, I am not sure if I want that either. Soap operas don't appeal to me, and the whole Hollywood and glamor thing. This journal is about as famous as I intend to be, and I'm already behind on that.

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