The Chaos Node

Letters from a middle-aged man who never has sex

The life and thoughts of the world's only Magnus Itland (the were-porcupine).

Before the age of blogs, there were cavemen, dinosaurs and online journals. And before even these became trendy, there were a few confused exscribblitionists, believing themselves unique in the world, each of them inventing the wheel. Or the fire, perhaps, given the blaze it all has grown into. One of these was the Chaos Node, a daily letter and a picture to friends known and unknown. The archives before November 1998 are lost, but it is still enough to know me better than your best friend.

Starting March 2009, the Chaos Node has changed to the WordPress format. Instead of color codes there are now tags and categories. But it is still the same content, an ongoing report of everything that happens in the life of Magnus Itland and the planet he is trying to save.

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My mail handle is "itlandm" and I now use Please make sure to not look like spam, since they have automatic filtering.

I'm also putting up my unfinished novels for the truly curious.

Those who seek to control everything are those who cannot control their own mind.