Loose tooth

The tooth that fell out last year is definitely loose again. And what is worse, it started hurting this evening. It is not so bad yet, except if it is exposed to heat or cold, such as if I eat or breathe with open mouth.  Over the years I have lost track of which ceramic teeth have had their root canals filled (common in the bad old days of dentistry) and which only have a needle. But I think it is a good guess that this one still has a nerve, given the sharp jabs of pain if it comes into contact with heat, cold or sugar. Also, given that it has been glued on twice before and is loose again now.

I don’t think we can blame Holosync for this one…

In tradition with the rule “each time you buy a laptop, God kills a tooth”, I have actually looked at another Linux laptop.  This time it is not for me, however, but a friend of mine who has it on her wishlist.  But evidently it is my teeth who go either way. I wondered about that. I guess it is better than her tooth falling out if I buy her a laptop.  She really can’t afford that – she and her husband both live in America now, and it’s not exactly caviar and champagne over there.

I haven’t actually ordered the machine – wonder if the tooth will grow attached again if I definitely decide to not buy?

I can live with the occasional jab of pain for a while. I am more worried about a root canal infection. I’ve read that those leak bacteria into the blood, where they can cause anything from rheumatism to atherosclerosis to sepsis with shock and sudden death.  (The latter being fairly rare though.) Some believe that even a successful root canal work will remain a focal point for continuing infection for the rest of one’s life, but this is not accepted in mainstream medicine. Of course, the worst that could happen if you believe it is to end your life with few or no teeth, and that was the norm in my grandparents’ generation.  Actually, most had all their teeth extracted before they retired. Can’t say they were any healthier than the next generation with their root canals filled though.

2 thoughts on “Loose tooth

  1. A good friend! It’s not often you find a friend who is willing to sacrifice teeth to improve others’ technological environment!

    • Well, I was hoping to avoid the tooth felling when I never actually laid my hands on the computer!
      Incidentally, I have never had any tooth problems with Nintendo. ^_^

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