Small slice of life

Used the Holosync Dive again this morning. It sure seemed to help me wake up and stay awake  for much of the workday.  Used the short 10Hz LifeFlow track in the afternoon and was very drowsy for a while afterwards. It certainly seems like these two have opposite effects on me, whether it is because of placebo or the different frequencies they strive to impose on my brain. 

Evidently Easter is drawing near. We are severely understaffed at work this week. Incidentally, this type of staff (the type we are at work) is called STAB in Norwegian. I can certainly sympathize with that on a day like today.  Still, we made it through all the files and even got most of the questions answered, although Staffman was still at work when I left just before 5 PM.

(The kind of staff you lean on physically instead of organizationally, or fight balrogs with, is called “stav”. It just does not have the same ring to it in English. But I think it is pretty obvious that they are all related.)

My popularity robot catgirl is ridiculously overpowered.  But that’s in Sims 2.  I wonder if I shall live to have my own robot catgirl with slightly more IQ than the average human.  Probably not.  Perhaps if I spend more time on the exercise bike or meditating, instead of playing Sims 2.  But then again, perhaps not.  And perhaps it doesn’t matter.

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