CoH: My first story (continued)

So I continued to work on my first Mission Architect story in City of Heroes. I ended up using a scrapper for my third mission instead of the mastermind.  I still consider adding a mastermind later, and possibly a controller. For now, the story is published with these three missions:

-Assist the tanker, levels 1-14

-Assist the defender, levels 20-29(?)

-Assist the scrapper, levels 25-34.

Apart from freeing the heroes, you help them complete their missions, which vary slightly but contain at least one boss (but no elite bosses or archvillains). If one or more of the missions is outside your current level, you will be set to the nearest possible level.  You will not get new powers if you play at a higher level, but your current powers will work at that level.  (This is always the case with Architect missions, not just mine.)

I tested it after publishing, with my level 8 mastermind.  I made him spesifically to level up on Architect content, since I hate the evil missions in City of Villains. But I have not played much lately, so he is still a lowbie.  He did gain a level from testing this story arc a couple times though.  (I did some pure testing before I published it, which gives badges but not experience points, influence or tickets.) After it was published, it gave all those things, but not a whole lot since it is not very difficult.  In addition to giving villains a wholesome classic heroic story, I also wanted it to be useful for newbies who are still not very good with the game, and for archetypes and power combinations that start out weak and may have problems soloing a normal mission. (I remember having that problem when I was new myself, and made a promise to myself to help others when I got the chance.)

I consider making another story arc that is even more designed to help weak characters, but this is it for now.

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