Not dead yet

Although I am sure I am moving in that direction, at a speed of about 24 hours a day… Well, 19 hours a day in a manner of speaking, since the average life expectancy is still rising by 5 hours a day even in the developed country.  If only it were 25!  Life is too awesome to just end without a really, really good reason.

I am still here, but I am shrinking.  I don’t check my weight every week – it would just get cluttered by random things like whether I have been drinking lots of water – but several times a year.  This was one of them.  It is the lightest I have been in a couple years.  (As regular readers will know, I lost weight involuntarily for nine months after the mysterious illness in Easter 2005, then regained it over about the same length of time after I moved here.  It has been very stable since, at a moderately lower level than before (probably because I still can’t eat more than traces of fat).

I will probably be checking more frequently for a while.  But it is less likely to be an undiscovered cancer and more likely to be just forgetting to eat while I play Sims 3, I think.  After all, if I can forget to update the Chaos Node, I can forget pretty much anything!

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