My cell phone is ringing, while my girlfriend is telling me what she REALLY thinks about me. How did it end up like this?  Luckily it is all a game, namely Sims 3, and I have a backup from before I got a girlfriend to begin with, before the whole midlife crisis thing.

Pretty much each evening I’ve spent a good chunk of time playing The Sims 3. I finally got around to making a self-sim!  Actually you saw him yesterday too, although that was not an entry about the game.  I am not good at making sims, since my right brain hemisphere is pretty much stuffed with hay as regards any talents more complex than walking and slightly erroneous typing. You would probably not have mistaken this guy for me if you met him on the street. But once you know he’s my self-sim, you can probably see it.  If you have seen me in the flesh or on the innumerable photos in my journal in 1998 and a few years onward.

Even though I was pretty enthusiastic about the game already, I was taken by surprise by just how much fun it is to have a little computer guy who looks and acts vaguely like me, except he is a talented painter and scientist and grows a garden of “life fruit” that keeps him aging much more slowly than people around him.  (Myself I only have the brainwave thingy, and it is not quite that efficient.  At least not yet.)

Also, it makes for a wide range of illustration “photos” that I could not possibly produce in real life.

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