Quick update

Regular readers may have noticed that the dating of the recent entries has been out of order.  There are reasons for this. Basically, there have been “seeds” for entries on certain days, but they have not been finished until days later.

Tonight I am almost certainly brewing on some kind of virus infection.  Despite no mowing today (for a change), my pulse has been far above normal for most of the evening, around 95 when sitting (!), the same as I normally have when walking leisurely around.  (This is the opposite of what I wrote about some days ago.) It has slowed down a bit now that I approach midnight, but it still well over normal.

The heat does not exactly help. I am not made for heat.  I can put on more clothes if I am cold, to a certain point, but I cannot take of my skin when it is this hot.  The nights are worst, because I can’t keep wet while I sleep.  Perhaps if I had a waterbed. ^_^

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