Imaginary family superhero team

2009-07-19 22:21:48

OK guys, this room is clear. There are nasties to your right, so follow me closely and keep your cinders ready!

Not content to have an imaginary girlfriend, I seem to have acquired a whole imaginary family. At least that is a likely interpretation, although I suppose it could also be a bunch of friends playing together and using Ventrilo or Teamspeak to coordinate their actions.

I have four computers in the house capable of playing City of Heroes, the online superhero game. At the same time, the Controller archetype is known to be the most vulnerable of the five basic archetypes and a classic support character. So what was more natural than assembling an in-house team of four controllers, with a shared power set even, and go setting bullies on fire? (Regular readers will recognize my oft repeated fascination with setting bullies on fire, after in my childhood reading about the prophet Elijah calling down fire from heaven repeatedly on cocky opponents. I later found out that this option had been discontinued in Christianity, which is surely just as well, but it still exists in City of Heroes.)

At level 17, The Firestarters are still rather squishy. They take missions (quests) a level or two below their own to stay safe, although I suppose it may be about time soon to pitch them against equal opponents. Anyway, it is a pretty sight and lots of fun for a mission or two. I don’t feel like playing like this all night though. It requires too much attention and concentration. I would rather not become so immersed in a lower world that I forget who I am.

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