Long day at work


“It is fine if I’m alone now.”  I don’t think she means it the same way I do, though… (From the anime Hyakko.)

I spent around 10 hours at work today.  Not bad for someone not quite in full job.  And I was a bit tired too.  Although I had slept five and a half hours last night, not five as the two previous, I just haven’t meditated enough to make up for the shortfall, and had to take a couple short naps at work.  Luckily I could do that, for I was all alone.  Actually, the “all alone” was the reason for the long day.

We were meant to be three of our team at work today, but earlier in the week one of them asked me if it was OK for him to take the Friday off.  I did not mind, it is a Friday after all, how hard could it be?  Besides, it was for a good cause.  Then in the middle of the week the other one explained that he had already asked our boss and it was OK for her that he took the Friday off, so was it OK for us?  Well, it is a Friday after all, and in the middle of summer at that, how much work could there possibly be?  Besides, if worst came to worst, I am a few hours short, so working a couple hours extra would not be so bad.

There were files.  There were a goodly number of files, for a change.  Then at 5PM there came about as many files again.  So I started doing them as well. My arm hurt more toward the end of the day than it had in many months, but it is better now.  Probably will be fine on Monday.  It was half past eight before I logged out.  It is soon midnight and I still feel like I just came home.  But at least I’m not going to work tomorrow.

And at least I was not biking home…

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