Travel day

When this entry is posted, I should be on my way to Oslo, for my job.  I bought train tickets online on Monday, and fetched them at the railway station yesterday.  All is in readiness, for casual values of readiness.

Based on the past, however, I will probably not be on that train.  Something will have happened to keep me from going.  Most likely I got sick during the night or in the morning. But I may also have overslept despite having both my clock radio and mobile phone set to 4AM.  The taxi that should take me to the train station did not find my address, or the road was blocked for some reason.  I read the wrong time on the ticket, despite reading it 10 times.  I forgot the tickets.  I have no idea what, but for the last couple years or more I have been virtually unable  to travel any long distance.

And I used to enjoy traveling with train, too.  Oh well.  Let us see what happens this time.

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