No swine flu today

But I did not know that for sure in the morning. With sniffles, sneezes, sore throat and a small headache, not to mention that my pulse went way up when I did anything harder than amble across the floor.  As long as I was at rest, it was fine though.  In any case, I decided to give it a day and see. If the temperature grew into a real fever, I would drop off work for the duration, otherwise get back the next day.

As it happens, I got rather better over the day, so it wasn’t the flu this time.  Having been sneezed at during our gathering last week, and later in the supermarket, I did not want to pass it on until I was sure.

My boss let me work from home. (I would probably have done so anyway, since there were files to merge, my favorite work activity. But I would not have been paid for it. On the other hand, a sickday would have paid better, since there were not files and mail enough for a full day.)

This is the second Monday off in a month or less.  I know this is not uncommon here in Norway, where drinking is concentrated to the weekends.  In my case that’s obviously not the reason – I forget to buy alcohol, and with a reasonable amount of meditation I probably don’t need it anyway. Small quantities of alcohol correlates statistically with less heart and circulatory problems and a moderately longer lifespan, but it is not entirely clear that this comes from the alcohol or whether it is part of a general lifestyle of moderation.  Anyway, in my case there must be another reason, and I suspect exercise.  Having the day off, I tend to exercise a good deal more.  When I return from work, I feel tired, even if my work there is almost exclusively for the brain.

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