Alone at work (again)

Fridays seem to be popular days for people to be away. This time, every one of my coworkers in this region was away.  As was my boss.  We are usually five here (my boss is in Trondheim) but everyone had some reason or another for being away.  None of them was the swine flu, or even sickness at all, luckily.  So, I got some inspirations for streamlining my work routines.  Let’s see if they are still there on Monday.

The landlord called me to tell that he had cut the lawn with his motorized lawnmower.  It has rained pretty much daily (not counting Sundays) for three weeks, but the last couple days have been fine, so I had started mowing again. The grass had grown pretty fast in the meantime, so it was pretty hard work.  So in that regard I appreciate not having to make my way across all the lawns – the house is practically surrounded by them.  I am sure I can find some other exercise if the weather is good.  The grass needs to be raked away at least.  But not today. It was almost dark when I came home, for the first time since sometime this spring.  Around Easter I guess.  The autumn is truly drawing close.

My wrist hurts when I type now, but it will probably recover pretty quickly.  It is a lot more robust than it used to be even a few years ago.  So even though I can feel I am growing older, not all things are just getting worse and worse.  A low-fat lifestyle seems to agree with me.

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