Computer died

Better it than me, of course.  Still, you sometimes have to marvel about the animosity of the inanimate.  Years have passed since I was broke and set to remain so for several months. (OK, so it was pretty much all of 2006, but that is still technically “years”.)  How could it know and time its demise in such a precise way? We shall probably never know until the veil of time is drawn aside, at which point we will presumably be occupied with weightier matters.

Anyway, the computer in question is my main computer at home, TERRA the Quad-core, 1 TB overachiever.  Sometime during the night it had turned itself off.  I turned it on, but after a while it restarted. Then more and more often, until it only took seconds between each restart.  I turned it off, and it would not turn on again. Terra became two years and two weeks old.  Wonder how long the warranty is for these machines? ^_^

In truth, I have no wish to send it off for repairs.   And this is not just because I am worried that the technicians may bypass my passwords and find my (and other people’s) quite private pictures and words, and my bank account information and such, but also because repairs tend to take a really long time, judging from my earlier experiences.  As in months. If I can do without it for months, I will have proven to myself that I don’t actually need that many computers. We can’t have that happen.

So, I intend to repair it myself.  From the symptoms, it is almost certainly the power supply.  I bought it with an extra strong power supply actually, because Oblivion, my most powerful single-core machine, melted down twice (the last time after the company went bust).  I suppose I could repair that too, someday.  But it is more important to fix my best computer ever.  I’ll do it on Someday.  You know the week has eight days, right?  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Someday.  I’ll order a new power supply next Someday.

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