No Moth today either

As I was logging off at work to go to the Mothhouse with the rest of the curtains and some other stuff, I suddenly realized that I had not done an important job on the databases. This is funny because I spent much of the day studying and doing piddly things because there was nothing major to do that I already knew, but actually there was and I did not remember it until it was almost too late.

Then when I was about to go home with the next bus, 55 minutes later, I found out that one of my coworkers had not done it either (although he had on a few bases – I have no idea what happened, but I hope he is OK). So it was quite a bit into the evening before I returned home. No Moth, of course – it I want to take the last bus home from there, I need to take the bus right after work (17.15) to Moth.

Oh well. It is not like I need those curtains immediately anyway.

Another thing I didn’t mention a few days ago, I met my current landlord’s grandmother by the shop.  I mean the landlord here in Nodeland, where I have still not moved out. Anyway, she knew more about the house I am moving to than I did! I honestly have no idea how she even knew that I was moving to that particular house, but I suppose all of Holum (the church and mail district) is abuzz with the news of the madman who is moving to the Red House.  One of those people in Holum turns out to be the daughter of said grandmother (and thus presumably an aunt of the old landlord).  The world is a small place, and Holum in particular.

3 thoughts on “No Moth today either

  1. It’s the end of a long week, and I’m having some trouble following the story of the lady who knows more about the Moth house than you do, how she’s related to whom, and whether or not she is at all related to the new landlord . . . What did she have to say about the house, by the way? And why would you be a madman to move there, or were you just speaking in general terms?

    • I’ve still not actually moved, so this was the old place, and thus the old landlord’s old grandmother. Despite this, she knows a lot about the place I am moving to, because her daughter is living nearby. She expressed surprise that I (or anyone, but that may be just my impression) would live in that particular house, which she identified correctly. She did not say why, though. Ghosts? Flooding? House about to collapse from old age? I did not ask, and the only thing she explicitly mentioned was the lack of bus departures, which I have already evaluated and found OK. We’ll see if something else happens. My contract is not with her or her daughter, after all.

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