Not a good night’s sleep

My bed seems so lonely without me…

I went to bed a little after midnight, fairly early for me but then I was tired. About two hours later I woke up from not being able to breathe freely. My nose was stuffy and my chest was tight, although I could hear no wheezing like during an asthma attack. (Even those have been mild in recent year, but my childhood memories of waking up unable to breathe will probably never leave in this life.)

I was afraid something like this would happen. I won’t say that is why it happened, although it could play a role. I may have been extra sensitive. After all, I had a bad chest cough during one of my earliest visits here, when I had spent a lot of time in the home office which at that time was still bedroom. The bed stood there then, and there was lots of dust on the floor. Either of these, or something entirely different, could have been the cause. I had vacuumed the bed earlier in the day to get rid of wood dust that might cling to it, but still.

I am not at all sure it is an allergy. Yes, swollen nose and tight chest, but no running eyes and nose as I usually have with allergies. Each time I visit the farm where I grew up, I am sure to experience those. Furthermore, I had a day of sinusitis this past week, and today I coughed up several bits of green goo after having worked hard, probably from the same bacterial infection, only having found its way to the bronchia. So that is just as likely a reason.

In any case, I put the air cleaner in the room. It should filter out any dust that may be dancing around. It also supposedly spews out negative ions, although I consider that little more than pseudoscience. The heat pump also has this, by the way, except it only activates when dust is detected.

After a bit over two hours (mostly spent playing The Sims 3, but also putting away a few things) I felt pretty much OK, so I went to bed again. Slept for 4 more hours, for a total of about 6, which is normally OK. But I feel more sore and tired than when I went to bed. But I am alive! This should also be proof that my bedroom is not a death trap after all. ^_^ Although I am told that a very large number of those who die do so in bed, so take care…

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