Not bored to death yet!

Despite my boring pictures, I have not been bored to death yet. Actually, the headline of that article is misleading.
The more bored you are, the more likely you are to die early, according to researchers.”
That is what it says, but as we all know, correlation is not causation. Well, actually it usually means there is something causing something, but not necessarily directly.  In this case, boredom and early death both come from a high Optimum Stimulation level.  I know I wrote about this some years ago, but you may have slept through it, so a short summary:

Some people are born with a high Optimum Stimulation Level.  This means they feel best and function best when there is much excitement.  As babies they laugh when they hear sudden loud sounds or see bright flashes of light. As adults they tend to be curious and try new things, take chances, drink, smoke, drive fast without seat belts (sometimes while smoking and drinking, depending on whether they are also stupid, and this trait is not dependent on intelligence so some of them are). They also tend to avoid stable marriages and vote liberal.  And they tend to die early, probably from some other cause than voting liberal.

Conversely, there are people like me.  As babies they cry if there are sudden sounds or lights.  As schoolkids they have their nose in a book.  As adults they tend to follow the laws, avoid dark streets, pray, and vote conservative if at all. They tend to die old and reasonably content with their life.  They also make for lousy novels, and probably so-so blogs as well…

Over the weekend, I have moved all but a few of my DVDs to two external hard disks (in the hope that they won’t both explode at the same time, but I do intend to get a third just in case).  Each of these black boxes take up the space of perhaps 4 DVD boxes, and easily takes a hundred DVDs.  So I should free up another couple shelves.

As a side effect of this, I have watched some of my old favorite anime.  As a result of this again, I have started the groundwork of yet another novel. Hopefully it won’t feature people like me.  And hopefully you aren’t bored to death yet!

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