Pseudo-Messiah dream

Do I have a Messiah complex? In my dreams!  My subconscious reads my journal (no surprise there) and mocks my resolution to not claim spiritual VIP status.

In my dream this morning, I am like Jesus. I do wonders, I preach goodness, I am seized by the authorities and sentenced to death. Except I don’t die, unbeknownst to them, I escape at the last moment. Actually this is the third year in a row they do this, so they are understandably upset at this point. In my dream I remember the two previous attempts. This time they lock me in a small hut and burn it down. Somehow I quantum tunnel out of there or something. At the end of the dream I can no longer perform miracles. But then again, it is a year till next Easter (or the equivalent in this culture).

The dream was dramatic enough while it lasted, but when I woke up I saw the absurdity of it and that’s when I thought of Life of Brian, which I only know from pop culture references. Perhaps I should watch it some day if it is still around.

For now, though, I just stick with my plan to not claim spiritual superhero status. Or at least not above 6th-dimensional programmer. ^_^

2 thoughts on “Pseudo-Messiah dream

  1. EEK!

    And in regards to The Life of Brian: I love Monty Python and The Life of Brian made even me a little uneasy. Eh. Absurdity is good. The religious equivalent of poop jokes is not.

    • Not going to be buying the DVD, that’s pretty sure. I checked out YouTube this evening and I can see what you mean. I almost think my dream would have made for a better absurd pseudo-messiah movie, unless the viewer is severely drunk.

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