JulNoWriMo has begun!


For now, JulNoWriMo (July Novel Writing Month) is just a dust cloud after NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month (which is actually international almost since the start).  But it is growing. And I fully expect that eventually there will be more of them, until every month is novel writing month, and reasonably good novels are available for free in larger quantity than you could read even if you were retired but not tired.

But that is still some way off, even barring spectacular global disasters. For now, we are just a bunch of overly optimistic (and pretentious) people, most students, and most of us will probably never actually complete our masterworks, much less rewrite them, edit them, polish them and publish them. Though it may well happen to someone.  And we certainly won’t do any of the above if we never try.

Although there are better things to try during July, I suppose.  I was sorely tempted to impulse buy a greatly shortened version of Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica, today, from my mobile phone.  The HTC Hero upgraded itself to Android 2.1 today, after having been stuck on 1.5 for the longest time. What does this have to do with the Summa Theologica? Well, the thing is  that there is a free Kindle program for Android phones, but it was only made for later versions, not 1.5, so today was the first day I could actually use it. Thus the temptation. I was only a few keypresses away. Because, you know, I don’t have enough Books of the Truth to last me for an eternity already…

Forgot the mobile phone at home today.  Been months since last time. (It was after I came home that it updated itself, because it waited for me to say OK. And to backup the whole thing, which I didn’t, and I don’t seem to have lost anything. Your loss may vary.) So anyway, there were 2 missed calls from the Mormon Missionaries, and I did not find them at the place we had agreed to meet.  I will probably drag the book along tomorrow too.

On a related note to almost all of the above, I finished my re-read of Okawa’s “Science of Happiness” on my way home. I was thinking of replacing it with my third-and-a-half read of “Philosophy of Progress” – the one with Higher Thinking for Infinite Prosperity. I mean, you all want Infinite Prosperity, right? But in the end I opted for “The Laws of the Sun”. It has a higher concentration of weird stuff than any other I have seen, with numerous sunken continents and all the higher dimensions. If there is any of his books that can cast some real doubt on his sanity, it should be the one. Unsurprisingly, it is a best-seller in Japan. 0_O

Perhaps Aquinas would not be such a bad idea after all.

But he would probably not inspire any romantic fiction for JulNoWriMo. I think that is pretty sure.

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