Sic transit gloria floppy

I thank you all in advance for your sympathy. ^_^

I mounted the external diskette drive today, for the first time since I moved. I found out a couple things.

One, I definitely wrote better fiction in New Norwegian than in English. The humor, the drama, the terse expressions at critical moments: All of them are stronger in my native language.

Two: In 1993, my hope for Supergirl was that she would love knowledge for its own sake like I did.  I am not sure whether that hope has been fulfilled or not. Well, it is out of my hands for sure.

Three: The most important fiction I have ever written, important for myself at least, was on a floppy that happened to lie in the old bag that I threw away the day I moved. There is no backup. It is probably fairly deep in the landfill by now.

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