I live! I hunger! I roll dice!

Should probably not leave a month of silence after that previous entry! So here is to tell you all that I am seemingly unharmed, gobbling pasta and writing with dice.

For those who were not impressed to the level of never forgetting when I mentioned this technique years ago:  Basically I use the old GURPS ruleset and throw 3 ordinary 6-sided dice for a skill check when my  character tries to do something that is not trivially easy.  The result of the throw is compared against the character’s skill and whatever modifiers may apply to the particular situation, and the story develops depending on the result. This makes my writing at least somewhat unpredictable even to me. If I want a particular result, my character may need to take a different route to arrive at the goal. Or the story may even take a different direction. It makes writing fun. But I am glad God is not playing dice with the universe… Right? Unless the dice are us?  People sure act random sometimes. Me included.

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