Paying bills

Something prosaic for a change. ^_^ It is the time of the month for paying bills. Actually I have paid some already, but now the big ones.

Last month I had more bills than income. That is rather disconcerting. I mean, I did not even have any left-over bills from the moving anymore, there were just so many bills showing up at the same time. Luckily bills don’t generally take me by surprise, although there are a couple that I don’t remember exactly when to expect.  Anyway, the month before had a massive influx of money, which I was not idiotic enough to spend just because it was there, so there was no worry. But it is not a situation I like to experience.

I’ve finally gotten rid of the recurring bills for the landline (which I did not bring with me when I moved) and the wireless broadband for the laptop (I now use the wireless broadband in the mobile phone when needed rather than having two subscriptions).

So anyway, I am not in a pinch. I can continue to buy the occasional book. (The one that came from Amazon this week is “The Soul After Death” by Fr. Seraphim Rose. More on that later, I suppose, if I get to it before the book’s contents are needed.)  I just can’t continue to buy new computers several times a year.  Luckily I have enough for a while. ^_^

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