The last comic

The picture and title were coincidental, if such a thing exists. I had actually given notice of unsubscription two issues earlier, as is standard here.

Today I fetched my two last issues of Savage Dragon, the last comic book I have subscribed to. This particular series seems to just go on and on, so I eventually had to unsubscribe to it. The others that I have subscribed to have stopped or gone on hiatus or changed in some other way so that I just had to not subscribe to their new incarnation, if any.

To be honest, I have not had much interest in this for the last couple years at least. But when I lived in the original Chaos Node apartment, I had quite probably more than my own weight in comics, most of them superhero comics. I gave away most of them when I moved from there to Chaosnodeland, but kept a couple barely crates of my favorite comics.  Of these, I had read about a dozen again when I moved anew four years later, so I winnowed a little more.  I still haven’t read them since. I suppose I should give them away while I still can. I am not sure how long the used-book store will hang on.  Or I could burn them, but that would release CO2 into the atmosphere.

That part of my life is over, somewhat belatedly.

That said, I still play City of Heroes. At least for now.

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