Happy blue light worldbuilding

What if you had the power to change or create anything through concentrating the clear blue light of your mind? (Illustration picture from City of Heroes, featuring my heroic alter ego, The Eternal Newbie.)

I recently came up with another story germ. Or perhaps you would say I came down with it, germs being germs and all. Anyway, I’ve been sketching it out a little in my head and writing a first chapter.

The world in which this story takes place merges two of my favorite worlds: That of my Lightwielder stories, where absolutely truthful people wield a magical power to help others, and that of Happy Science. Well, more exactly TSI, the equivalent of Happy Science in the movie Rebirth of Buddha, itself by Happy Science. I wrote 50 000 words of fiction last November based on that world, and it was probably the easiest writing I had ever done.  The Lightwielders were used for a similar length of text in 2007, but it was not as easy to write.

So this story is part magical and part spiritual, I would say. Much of it takes place in the World of the Mind, where people are what they think. So the people who have Light in them are able to do magical things by that power while they are in the World of the Mind.  They can fly, they can change their clothes with a thought, even change their own mind-body with some experience. They can move to anywhere in the World of the Mind in the blink of an eye, or find another person just by thinking of them. They can even concentrate their light and create things out of thin air, at least for a while. So it is a fun place… for them.

The World of the Mind intersects with Afterlife, though, and that is not a happy place for everyone. I should be able to find all the drama needed for a novel in there. For instance, once in a while a stray spirit from the hells of lust or strife or gluttony or some such wanders into the World of the Mind and starts stinking up the place. What do you do then?


Now about the blue thing. See, there are 7 colors of light, like a rainbow bridging earth and sky. Blue, the color of reason, is thought.  Our main character and his  girl classmate both happen to be true blue. In their realm, everyone dresses in blue and shine from within with varying intensity of clear blue light.

Because Blue is the color of reason and thought, their part of the World of the Mind is filled with geeky things, games and puzzles and libraries of textbooks and stuff like that. Basically each part of the World of the Mind is filled with stuff that their kind of people would put there, and they keep placing new things there or improving on old. When you redesign a thing in the World of the Mind, you don’t actually delete the old version, it is still visible to those who remember it or want to see it.

Anyway, part of why I use the Blue Light is to distinguish this story from my Lightwielder stories, in which there is only one Light, and it is white. In this story, there is also only one Light, but it splits into seven colors to accommodate the many different people who live in the World of the Mind.


The first chapter is almost completely Happy Science, I mean TSI, except that the main character (a high school boy, of course) can see a faint glow around his classmate when he does not look straight at her, and he notices that the room seems to grow brighter when she arrives and a little dimmer when she leaves. Because of this, he keeps looking at her in class, trying to catch that faint aura, but he never succeeds. Instead, another girl in class who is his childhood friend from they were little, notices that he is staring at light-girl. Misunderstandings ensue.

Light-girl finds out and takes him home to meet her parents, but not the way he thinks. Together, they explain that he has the same kind of light in himself, but his light is mottled and dimmed by negative spiritual influences. This is because he has used pornography (which works like a spell book when seen from the World of the Mind) to summon a sexual demon / lost soul which has attached itself to him.  In order to do combat with the demon, he and his classmate and her father go to the World of the Mind. And that’s where the magic world part begins in earnest.

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