Outpacing cancer and such

“I guess exercise really is important.” Yeah, and more so for us guys, perhaps.

In case you didn’t know (I didn’t) and couldn’t guess, walking briskly for several hours a week drastically reduces the dangers from prostate cancer. While doing so, it also happens to drastically reduce mortality from pretty much anything else (except getting run over by bikes, I strongly suspect).

So yeah. Half an hour today. ^_^

(Actually I was aiming for one hour, but it began to rain after a quarter. Anyway, half an hour should be about right – the article mentions 3 hours a week. Of course, there is reason to doubt that I will do this every day, especially if I am not diagnosed with cancer. Then again, who knows. I used to walk like crazy for much of my life, and still do by American and modern Norwegian standards.)


On a vaguely related note, I woke up to a bulk e-mail from my “friend” Bill Harris, of Centerpointe Research Institute. These are the people from whom I bought the Holosync brainwave entrainment solution, my first of that kind and one of the best known. I mostly use LifeFlow these days, but I like to keep up with my old supplier. Plus, the almost daily e-mails make me appreciate LifeFlow and the Project Meditation that supplies it. You see, they are not only about Holosync. Far from it.

Today, for instance, brings the good news “Amazing non-toxic liquid kills cancer cells”. Which is probably true. I am sure clean water will do that under the right conditions, and probably various other substances. Not all cancer cells are robust enough to survive for long outside the body. Anyway, the lengthy e-mail does not offer any clue as to what this non-toxic liquid is, only that it is available over the counter. (Could still be water, I suppose, depending on the counter.) There are repeated links to one of his innumerable business friends, who will tell us more.

It is a very, very safe bet that if I were to follow the link, I would get a long and somewhat multimedia-based spiel about the awesomeness of the cancer-killing substance, which the health establishment does not want us to know, and still no hint as to what it is. To find out, we will have to buy some kind of report or something from Mr Friend, of which I assume Mr Harris gets a small percentage for sending the sheep for shearing. Not to say slaughter, if one is such a prime case of Darwinian evolution in action as to substitute this for actual medical treatment. Or long walks, I guess. For some reason the evil medical establishment seems to have no problem whatsoever with letting us know that we can actually walk away from cancer, heart infarct, stroke, diabetes etc at little or no cost to us and no income to them.

Then again, perhaps they know very few people will actually do it, even though it is free, harmless and pretty fun if you have an MP3 player.


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