One week till moving day

Whether internal or external affairs, they keep developing with total disregard to my desires.  But is that a bad thing or perhaps a good thing?

I haven’t made much in the way of preparations. I have put into a paper sack the paper I had gathered to start fires in the stove – there is no wood stove in the apartment – and also some old magazines and such.

I intend to bring home another roll of garbage sacks and throw away the rest of the computer games I have not played for years, except one or two with particular nostalgic value.  Should probably also throw away the DVDs with anime, as I have two identical copies on USB hard disks, and don’t watch most of them anyway so it is not the end of the world if both of the disks die at the same time.

Another sack for the comfortable old shirts that lack a button or two. I have enough shirts for at least a decade without them. Old trousers with a small hole – I don’t have the same reserve of those, but I don’t actually use them anyway. Boxer shorts that have lost all elasticity so they fall down are also likely to go.

Things that can be given away, such as the comic books, will have to follow along. I don’t mind that the apartment will get cluttered. That is a GOOD thing. It will remind me to drag the things off, I hope. Having this much space here meant that I still have stuff after one and a half year that should have been gone one year ago.

Even living here in the twilight at the very edge of the radiance of the Eternal Light, attachments are gradually fading away over time. Things I “absolutely needed” are optional, things that hurt to get rid of are fading to worthless and then to nuisance. It happens slowly, and it hasn’t happened to Sims 3 yet, but there is definitely a trend.

And even though I still occasionally feel the impulse to try to rent another small house in the countryside, I think it may be better to wake up from that dream now that I am roused anyway.

2 thoughts on “One week till moving day

  1. Renting (or buying) a house in the country does not need to be some sort of attachment or dream. It can be just a preference. A good preference!

    • Indeed. But from my reaction, it seems it had become an attachment for me. Once I am “unattached”, I will consider it again, if the opportunity arises. But generally having a house to myself should not be necessary, and may not be a good priority. Most of the house, now and last time, was used to store stuff I once was attached to.

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