Once more into those breeches

Back to work today. But at least I put on trousers and shirt that had not seen fresh air since I moved or thereabout. Possibly the move before that, I am not sure. I could do this for a long time, but I probably won’t. The shirts and many of the trousers are already finding their way into the wardrobe shelves, where they will probably just disappear from my consciousness until I am forced to move again, if ever.

But at least I carried a plastic bag with paperbacks to the city and gave them to the used-book store. And I’ve filled the bag today again, hopefully to repeat the feat tomorrow, unless something gets in the way. I don’t intend to put a book back in the bookshelf unless I feel a nagging suspicion that I would replace it if I lost it. Well, except perhaps to complete a series.

I also discontinued my subscription to the Wimp streaming music service. They showed no interest in getting back the Norwegian composer I had written to them about. There is no point in subscribing to a Norwegian streaming service if it is the Swedish competitor that has the Norwegian composers I want. Spotify is more than enough.

Next up – to stop the fiberoptic Internet subscription at Riverview. But first, sleep. Somehow that always ends up low priority unless I stop myself from doing everything else.

4 thoughts on “Once more into those breeches

  1. I know I need to rid myself of books, but I just don’t do it. It is almost unholy-seeming. Having all that knowledge there if you need it is very attractive to me, although hopefully I actually already know (at least most of) it, since I’ve read it.

    Weird about the music thing. But I do not understand all the music things online, anyway. Eh.

    Have a good first day at work beginning from the new house, and I hope the commute is convenient!

    Oh, by the way . . . one of my neighbor’s cows, “number 25”, has had twin bull calves out of my bull!! They are healthy-seeming, and she has accepted both of them, which is never a sure thing. Since they are both bulls, there isn’t the problem of a sterile heifer calf twin and a fertile bull calf twin (which is what my bull was . . . he had an infertile heifer twin), but their mother is starving. She is producing lots of milk, but she looks as though she is made of clothes hangers. All of our cattle look somewhat like this, except my bull, but considering we are in the worst drought in 100 years . . . that is to be expected. Twin calves are unusual, though, and since one of his cows had twins last year out of the borrowed British White bull, this makes two events of this since we’ve moved here. My Pappaw had a spate of twin calves when I was about 15 or 16, and he’d never had any in his life before then, then we began having twin calves . . . now our neighbor has begun. Apparently living near me makes cattle extra fertile or something! Maybe that’s my superpower? 😉

    • I would have a hard time burning books or throwing them away, but when I give them to the shop, someone may actually read them for the first time.

    • Glad to hear the cows are still fertile at least, but it sounds terrible that they are so skinny! In Norway you could get arrested if your animals look like they’re starving.

  2. Here, too, but the fact is that hay is nearly worth its weight in gold AND there is none to be found to buy . . . everyone is getting by the best we can on hay stockpiled for next winter, IF they have any. Fortunately we have enough for our cows. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough for our neighbor’s, which run with ours on our land. We had been keeping ours up, but they’ve overgrazed the lots we kept them in, so . . . we have turned them out with the others for a while, penning them up every couple of days to give them pellet-type feed. It is a very bad situation for everyone, though.

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