I’m fine (so far – dentist appointment tomorrow). I am just not in journal writing mode.  Also, I rediscovered the online comic “Dumbing of age“, which is one of several reboots of the classic masterpiece “It’s Walky!” -It has the same characters but in a slightly different setting. It works pretty well, but the original had a certain charm that has been fading with time. I am not sure whether any of my current online friends were met on the Walky forums. I think not, but I am not entirely sure. It did lead me to other comics where I eventually made a bunch of friends. (Some of which are married to each other these days.)

So yeah, I guess it is kind of nostalgic. Although I guess I have changed so much more since then than the comic has.

Anyway, I am fine, as far as I know. Two of my two coworkers are not quite so lucky, so I have had a little fun at work. But our job is a bit secret – not top secret but just a bit – so that’s it for now.

Still adding a little to my latest fiction, but nothing to write home about right now.

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. I am missing something. What has happened to your co-workers that you have avoided? I think I’ve read back far enough, but . . . I am missing something.

    • No, they were just hit by non-work-related problems that pulled them off the workplace temporarily. There was nothing either of us could have done for it to unfold differently. I am just glad I am able to work, even if I am not very good at it.

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