Pigsty continued

To the casual observer, it looks like nothing has changed in the east half of my living room. It still looks like a disaster zone. But in fact, each Wednesday I have filled a plastic shopping bag with old, visibly worn-out clothes and another bag with old floppy disks, CDs and DVDs, and thrown both in the garbage. On days without rain I used to carry off comic books, but there were so many rainy days that I got out of the habit. Still, somewhere around half of the comic books I brought with me are given to the used-book shop, along with some paperbacks.

There is just such a huge amount of random stuff that even if I do this each week, you can barely see it. Also, I am starting to hit the things that I still think I may read again, despite years of proof to the contrary. Perhaps I shall have to carry them into and out of yet another car before I realize that I am better off without them? That would be a pity, but it would certainly fit the pattern of my life.

Well, the important thing is that I continue to move forward.

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