Sims 3 update

Screenshot Sims 3

I will banish unhappiness from this land! Eventually.

Since I have already mentioned that I play The Sims 3 several times a week, what am I up to there? Well, a while ago I started a game in the Nightlife version of Los Aniegos, a Sims 3 version of Los Angeles. Obviously on a much, much smaller scale! By my estimate, it won’t be until around Sims19 that the Sims games will be indistinguishable from real life. ^_^

Even at the much smaller scale, this particular map is huge for a Sims3 map. As such, it will eventually provoke an Error 12 when saving, and the only reliable solution to this is to exit the game and start over from your last successful save, so save frequently. The longer you play a map, the more saved information, and the shorter time you can play before getting the dreaded Error 12. Eventually more time is spent loading and saving than playing the game, so it stops by itself. But it hasn’t reached that level here yet.

If you use a smaller map, you can play longer before it becomes unplayable. Another alternative is more memory, but I already have as much as Windows 32-bits can handle; I am not sure whether my computer can handle 64-bits; in any case I will probably not mess greatly with it for the purpose of a game. This machine has served me pretty well; I have replaced the power supply when it broke, replaced the video card when it broke, and replaced the C: disk with a SSD when it broke. Both the video card and the SSD were dramatically better while not costing too much, as technology marches onward. Perhaps I will replace the main board and processor one day, rather than buy a new machine, what with all the parts I have bought for it. ^_^ But until then, I am limited to 3.25 GB of RAM.

The plot to my Sims story this time is that Hermes Trismegistus, the Hellenic god of wisdom, has reincarnated in Los Aniegos and is aiming to banish unhappiness from the land. Starting from the ordinary, he is currently a humble high school teacher, hobby sculptor and gardener of exotic fruits. But that is just the beginning… unless the game crashes beyond repair, or I need the time for something else. ^_^

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