Testing the heart

Tomorrow is the scheduled day for stress-testing my heart. The physical heart, that is! The doctor is a heart specialist, so it is probably the safest place to do it except for an actual hospital. Still, I have not actually exerted myself fully (or even nearly fully) for over 40 years. So I look at this with some worry.

I have had exercise asthma since I started running around as a toddler. There were no inhalers in rural Norway at the time, so the way I survived was learning early on to never exert myself. I mastered this in grade school, more or less. Around the age of 10-12 I had stopped even dreaming at night about running, so my nightly asthma attacks also faded. I credited this to divine intervention, which may well be true, although it was in that case an internal one rather than external: A change of me rather than of my circumstances. Actually these are my favorite divine interventions, may there be many more of them.

I intend to update my journal pretty soon after returning from the test.

If not … thank you all. It’s been great.


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