Chickening out

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Today I actually wrote and uploaded a decent length review of the movie The Laws of the Sun from Happy Science, based on their most loved book, the Happy Science answer to Genesis. Then I went to bed.

A bit over an hour later, I woke up alarmed. It was not quite a panic attack such as I had occasionally through my life (and may well have again, though it has been quite a while). Still, something was definitely wrong, I felt deep within. Reflecting on this, I found that the entry was the one thing I felt troubled about. I could not say whether I had been too critical or not critical enough. In fact, I felt I had no clear mandate from Heaven, so to speak, to opine on it. So I removed my entry from public view.

If you feel that you need to know more about it, feel free to contact me.

2 thoughts on “Chickening out

  1. I am curious, of course, but don’t want you to get into it if it had such an upsetting effect on you. But, of course, I am just nosy enough to wonder!

    • You are alive! Thank goodness! And probably haven’t killed any deserving souls either (or at least the bodies have not been found)! I sure am glad to hear from you again.

      I am not entirely sure what was wrong with my review either, or I would not initially have uploaded it. But it just felt wrong somehow. As I said, I am not even sure whether it was too positive or too negative. In other words, whether I was worried people might convert to worshiping El Cantare, or whether Happy Science might decide to go after the poor chap who uploaded their movie (presumably to save the world – he has shared several other of their products and nothing critical of them.)

      I’ll try to send you the link and password on email, just in case, but it is not really suggested reading for you of all people.

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