Mysterious illness

As mentioned in my slice of life journal, my pulse is 25-30 beats above normal this evening, after having been some 15 beats above normal for over a week. I have not been able to exercise during this week, or rather I have quickly become stiff and tired even from walking. Apart from that, the symptoms seem to vary randomly. Something is happening inside this body, but I have no idea what.

This is just a heads-up, really. Sympathy (or antipathy for that matter) won’t make a difference, my body will have to handle this on its own. Right now it is too vague to even involve a doctor. (Besides, it is extremely few times in my life that a doctor visit has led to anything at all besides spending time and money. It has happened, but it is not the rule.)

3 thoughts on “Mysterious illness

  1. Just hang on 10-15 more years. Ive heard the cure for death will be discovered soon.
    Not sure if we can affort it though, if thats how it works. Maybe we can start a project on Kickstarter: Please help us fund our death cure.

    • “The future are always 20 years away” as I use to say. ^_^ Flying cars, fusion reactors and a cure for cancer have been 20 years away since I heard about them in the 1960es. Not sure if the moon colonies and the first man on Mars are still 20 years away or given up yet. But on the other hand I got a library in my shirt pocket, which I had never dreamed of. So there may be no cure for death, or even for the most common causes of death, but there will surely be other amazing wonders to see if I hang on for a few decades more!

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